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Top quality Seeds


All natural organic, liquid microbiological growth stimulator

Fruit growing and crop farming is today accompanied with frequent usage of fertilizers fungicides, pesticides and other chemicals.

For some of them, exact influence on human, animals and useful insects (honey bees) is not completely understood or they have negative effects.


“ECO-LAME”uplifts organic production due to higher yield, better physicals and nutritive qualities and in conventional production lessens effects of noxious chemicals on both human and animal's health.

“ECO-LAME”is absolutely safe for handling as it is completely of natural origin.

It is not harmful for honey bees and other insects that pollinate herbs so there is no limit in application from that perspective.


Our products are selected to take care of our health, your business and our Living Earth. No Compromise.

Image by Etienne Girardet
Image by Joshua Lanzarini
Kitchen Shelf
Latest News 

Small vegetable garden
in South Africa applied ECO-LAME, see video

August 2023


ECO-LAME test reported

November 2022


Impressive results from University Lab 

Image by Jen Theodore

What you SEED is what you get

About us

We are dedicated to bring the best of products for organic farming as well as offering solutions for personal well being

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